FX Transactions

Transstroibank offers its Customers to conduct FX transactions:

  1. Foreign currency purchase/sales at the current exchange rate of the Bank
  2. 2. Foreign currency purchase/sales using the function of foreign currency hedging (fixing the exchange rate of a transaction carried over on the transaction closing date).

All FX transactions with cashless foreign currency are conducted in strict adherence to the existing Foreign Law No. 173-FZ dated 10.12.2003 “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control”

The Bank conducts transactions with the following kinds of the currency:

US Dollar ($ USD)

Euro (€ EUR)

Pound Sterling (£ GBR)

Swiss Franc (₣ CHF)

Chinese Yuan (Ұ CNY)

Japanese Yen (¥ JPY)

FX Transactions at the Bank's Current Exchange Rate

Purchase/sale of the foreign currency for Russian roubles (conversion of one foreign currency into another) is carried out at the current exchange rate of the Bank with no commission.

The current exchange rate of the Bank is determined on the basis of the exchange rate which is established in the market on the date of transactions, and reflects the current trends of the currency market.

The Bank applies an individual approach to each customer when conducting transactions. 

Transactions can be made by sending to the Bank an FX transaction order:

    • Via the Client-Bank Remote Banking System,
    • To a manager in our Transstroibank Office, who will agree the exchange rate with you, and follow up the transaction execution      

FX Transactions Using Foreign Currency Hedging

Hedging is the insurance against currency risks of the customer as related to various kinds of currency transactions.

The usage of the hedging function will help your company mitigate the financial risks and simplify the planning of the activity performance owing to the fixation of the exchange rate for the carried over transaction. 

Transactions are concluded on a basis of the signed General Terms Agreement between the Bank and the Customer

Advantages of FX transactions conducted by Transstroibank

  • Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту
    Individual approach to each customer
  • Гибкая курсовая политика
    Flexible pricing policies
  • Минимизация рисков получения финансовых убытков
    Minimization of financial loss risks
  • Проведение сделок с использованием системы дистанционного банковского обслуживания
    Conducting transactions with the use of the remote banking system