Western Union

How to make a remittance in our Transstroibank Office?

  1. Apply to any Transstroibank office with your passport or other ID

  2. Fill in application for remittance in Russian roubles or remittance order in foreign currency

  3. Contribute money

  4. Obtain from the Bank's employee documents evidencing the remittance

Western union

Money transfer services through the Western Union system are provided by the central office and all out-of-the-office cash counters of JSCB Transstroibank (JSC).  

Western Union is the world leader in the field of money transfers with more than 140 years of experience, as well as an extensive and advanced network for making money transfers, numbering more than 500,0001 offices in more than 2001 countries and regions of the world. In Russia, the network of Western Union® service points have more than 20,0001 offices for convenient sending of remittances.

Advantages of Western Union: 


  • tariffs on remittances within Russia - 1% and more*;
  • tariffs on remittances CIS-countries and Georgia – 1% and more*;
  • tariffs on remittances to China – RUB 1,000 for any remittance of RUB 75,000 and more, or USD 41 for USD 3,000 and more*;
  • to any other countries - from RUB 250/USD 10*.

Quickly:: Money can be received in a few minutes2 after they are sent.

Convenient:: You can send money abroad and within Russia at any nearest branch of the Western Union partner. Cash withdrawal is available in more than 500,0001 ranches of Western Union partners around the world.

Affordable:: УA member of My WU loyalty program saves time when making a remittance, and can also enjoy all the benefits of the program. Read more on  www.westernunion.ru

Since 31.03.2015, Western Union has introduced new tariffs for sending money transfers to Turkey, Israel, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Contacts of the Western Union Customer Service Centre

24-hour customer service centre:
for Moscow +7 (495) 797-21-97, 
for regions 8 (800)200-22-32 – toll free in Russia. 
E-mail address: WUCIS.Customer@westernunion.com 

1In some countries, only money payment services are provided, no money transfer services are provided. Data as of March 31, 2014.

2According to the terms of service, certain requirements regarding the transfer amount, destination country, currency, legislation, personal identification, service point working hours, time difference between time zones, or other applicable restrictions must be taken into account. In accordance with the terms of servicing, payment of transfers may be delayed or services may be unavailable due to the specific aspects of the provision of services, including the specific amount of the transfer, the country of destination, currency availability, applicable legislation, identification requirements, payment point working hours, time difference between time zones, terms of tariffs with deferred payment of transfer or other applicable restrictions. For additional information, please, refer to www.westernunion.ru .

*Western Union can receive income from exchange rate differences in case the transfer payment currency differs from the transfer sending currency. When choosing a remittance system, pay attention not only to the tariffs, but also to the exchange rate of the transaction.

Advantages of remittances in Transstroibank

  • Надежность
  • Возможность выбора валюты перевода
    Possibility to choose the remittance currency
  • Широкая зона охвата
    Wide coverage
    (the remittance can be made to any bank providing such services)
  • Возможность перевода в адрес физических и юридических лиц
    A possibility to make remittances in favour of both individuals, and legal entities