V.I.P. Deposit

How to make a deposit?

  1. Visit our Transstroibank Office or send online application

  2. Fill in documents required to make a deposit, and deposit funds

  3. Receive a guaranteed income

* Operating cash desks that are not a part of the cash operating unit do not provide the depositing service

Transstroibank offers you to place your available cash into deposit accounts on beneficial terms!

Bank deposit is a classic method to save, accumulate and secure your cash assets. Holding your cash assets at home you risk to lose your savings not only due to unlawful acts of third parties, but also due to the inflation as well. Thanks to many years of experience in the banking market, JSCB Transstroibank (JSC) guarantees the safekeeping and accumulation of your savings!

To make a deposit, all you need is to present your ID document and 10 minutes of your time. The Bank specialists will be glad to help you to deposit your cash assets in the Bank taking into account all your needs and with maximum comfort.

Please, note that you can draw up a power of attorney if you want to trust third parties with bank deposit management. This requires your presence and the presence of your authorized representative with ID documents. 

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Процентные ставки по вкладу

Deposit amount 
Rate, % annually
Deposit length, days
91 181 271 365/366 400
Russian roubles 
от 3 000 000,00 6,00       6,40       6,60       7,15 7,25
US dollars
50 000,00 – 625 000,99 0,60 1,30 1,60 2,20 2,30
от 625 001,00 0,80 1,50 1,65 2,20 2,30
50 000,00 – 625 000,99 0,10 0,20 0,30 0,55 0,45   
от 625 001,00 0,10 0,35 0,40 0,55 0,45

Payment of interests: At maturity.

Capitalization of interests: No.

Possibility to replenish: Replenishment for the amount of RUB 1,000,000.00 / USD 25,000.00 / EUR 25,000.00 and more.

Replenishment frequency: On any working day; the deposit can be replenished within 90 days from the day the deposit was made.

Partial deposit withdrawal: No.

Prolongation (Terms): Subject to the terms for this kind of deposit as in effect on the renewal date; either the deposit amount and interests, or the deposit amount only is subject to renewal (depending on the Depositor’s choice specified in the application to open deposit).

Benefits: As specified in paragraphs 3 of Special Terms of Deposit .

Interest Terms When Early Withdrawal in Full