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A bank safe box is one of the most reliable ways to ensure the safekeeping of your valuables.

Transstroibank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (JSC) rents out bank safe boxes of various dimensions for safekeeping of securities, documents, pieces of jewellery, works of art and other valuables, and for making settlements under various purchase and sales transactions. 

How to rent a bank safe box?

  1. Visit our
    Transstroibank Office


    send online application

  2. Conclude an agreement

    for safekeeping of valuables in an individual bank safe box

  3. Make a payment

    for the safe deposit box rental and a security deposit

  4. Receive keys

    for an individual safe deposit box and place your valuables for safekeeping

This service is available in the Central Head Office of the Bank at the address: 94 Dubininskaya Str., Moscow
Safe deposit box #1

1. Safe deposit box dimensions: 30х9,85х51 cm

2. Safe deposit box dimensions: 84 – 7 280 roubles* 

3. Security deposit: 2,000 roubles

4. Use of a money counting machine: for free.

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Advantages of bank safe boxes

  • полная сохранность сейфа благодаря надежным системам обеспечения безопасности
    completely safe keeping of any safe deposit box owing to reliable security systems
  • аренда сейфа осуществляется на любые удобные Вам сроки с возможностью пролонгации
    you can rent a safe deposit box for any term convenient for you with an option to prolong
  • анонимность содержимого Вашей банковской ячейки и конфиденциальность сведений о Вас
    the anonymity of contents of your safe deposit box and the confidentiality of the data about you
  • возможность предоставления доступа к ячейке третьим лицам
    a possibility to grant access to the safe deposit box to third parties
  • снижение стоимости при заключении договора аренды на длительный срок
    reduction of the rental cost subject to the conclusion of long-term rental agreement Additional Info