Deposits with Transstroibank are an additional income on beneficial terms.

How to make a deposit?

  1. Visit our Transstroibank Office or send online application

  2. Conclude an agreement

  3. Deposit cash assets on your bank account

  4. Receive a guaranteed income

Operating cash desks that are not a part of the cash operating unit do not provide the depositing service

Currency of deposit: RUB, USD, EUR

Minimum amount of deposit: RUB 3,000,000 / USD/EUR 100,000

Deposit length: A possibility to choose any optimum length

Capitalization of interests: Yes

Payment of interests: Monthly

Possibility to replenish: Minimum amount of replenishment RUB 100,000 / USD 3,000 / EUR 3,000

Replenishment frequency: On any day; ceased 31 days before the maturity; except for deposits with the length of up to 61 days

Partial deposit withdrawal: Once per month, with maintenance of minimum balance (=minimum contribution amount)

Prolongation (Terms): On terms as in effect when the deposit is prolonged

Early deposit termination: Possible, with the Bank’s consent

Special terms: The Customer may choose any length of the Deposit. The interest rate is established according to the deposit length chosen by the Customer

Make deposit

Advantages of deposits made in Transstroibank

  • Высокие процентные ставки и широкий диапазон сроков размещения
    High interest rates and a wide range of deposit lengths
  • Возможности пополнения и совершения расходных операции
    A possibility to replenish your deposit and make debit operations
  • Ежемесячная выплата процентов
    Monthly payment of interests
  • Возможность пролонгации
    Prolongation option
  • Разнообразный функционал депозита под конкретные потребности Вашей организации
    Various features of the deposit according to the specific needs of your entity